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QCA Today: April 16, 2014

This feature collects articles published online by the following Quad Cities-area media outlets: Quad-City Times, Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch, River Cities’ Reader, KWQC, and WQAD. It also includes...

Spring in Their Steps: Ballet Quad Cities' "Spring Is in the Air" at the Adler Theatre

Spring in Their Steps: Ballet Quad Cities' "Spring Is in the Air" at the Adler Theatre

There were several moments during the evening performance of Spring Is in the Air – presented April 12 at the Adler Theatre – in which I sat slack-jawed in awe of the choreography executed by Ballet...

Fostering Failure – in a Good Way: The Putnam’s New Science Center Opens April 12

“Look into my eyes and keep still,” Socibot says to me in its pleasant but mechanical voice. Before I can do anything to comply with the command, the Putnam Museum’s machine continues: “I would...

"Coffee" First, Tragedy After: Ballet Quad Cities' "Carmen," February 14 and 15 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral

After two years of Love Stories for its Valentine’s Day production, Ballet Quad Cities changed things up this year by presenting Carmen, the story of a commanding woman who does what she pleases with...

A Prescription for Local Television News: What Ails Our Newscasts, and Some Suggestions to Fix Them

(Listen to Jeff Ignatius discuss this article on WVIK’s “Midwest Week” here.) I come to praise local television news, not to bury it. Okay, there won’t be much praise, and there will be some...

That Galumpha Thing: Quad City Arts’ Latest Visiting Artists Present Dance, Acrobatics, and Human Architecture, January 25 at St. Ambrose University

A Portrait of Hunger – and Generosity: A Robust Network Fights a Growing Problem in the Quad Cities

Hope Creek’s Conundrum: Will Taxpayers Agree to Save Rock Island County’s Nursing Home?

Personal Science: Sandra Steingraber, October 22 at St. Ambrose University

Fangtastic: Ballet Quad Cities' "Dracula"

Emerging from His Fantasy World: Augustana Professor Kelly Daniels’ Lean, Thoughtful Memoir

Winners and Favorites from Our 2013 Short Fiction Contest

Meat on the Bone: Understanding the Housing-Development Boom in Downtown Davenport

The Drug War’s Collateral Damage: Support for Industrial Hemp Grows – Even in Congress

Enter the Reader’s 2013 Short-Fiction Contest: “Great Beginnings”

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Botched Millionaire Tax Brings Benefits to Democrats

A long time ago I asked Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan why he never golfed at his golf-outing fundraisers. Madigan explained that he was a terrible golfer. (He’s since improved, I’m told.)...

Madigan Moves to the Left with an Eye on Election Day

Two worries are obviously driving driving much of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s personal legislative agenda this year: low Democratic turnout in an off-year election for an unpopular governor...

Does Our Silence Make Us Accessories to the Bad Acts of Government?

I believe that when we pass from this life, we will face accountability for both our actions and inactions. I also believe that accountability directly corresponds to the degree of responsibility each...

Quinn Lines Up His Ducks for Budget Address

It turns out that Governor Pat Quinn and the two Democratic legislative leaders met privately for at least several days to negotiate details of the governor’s budget address. The highly unusual move...

Sparking Peace or Conflict? Jim Leach Discusses the Middle East, April 10 at St. Ambrose

In 2006, U.S. Representative Jim Leach of Iowa introduced a resolution urging President George W. Bush to appoint a “Special Envoy for Middle East Peace.” The resolution said, in part, that “history...

Unions Flex Muscles, Almost Knock Off Rauner

Lights, Camera, Arrested: Americans Thrown in Jail for Filming Police

Newspapers Cross the Line with Rutherford’s Personal Life

Quinn Bought Peace, Not Votes, with Grant Program

Warning: Watching C-SPAN Will Not Make You Fun at Parties

Quinn’s Handling of Anti-Violence Program Comes Back to Bite Him

How Can the People Be Protected From the Police?

GOP Rivals Looking Up at Rauner

Treasurer’s Investigation Smells Like a Cover-Up

Putting Big Brother in the Driver’s Seat: V2V Transmitters, Black Boxes, and Drones

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Taking One for the Team: "Draft Day," "Oculus," "Rio 2," and "Mysteries of the Unseen World"

Taking One for the Team: "Draft Day," "Oculus," "Rio 2," and "Mysteries of the Unseen World"

DRAFT DAY Draft Day casts Kevin Costner as the Cleveland Browns’ general manager on the titular day in which his professional and personal crises reach their boiling points. And 20 minutes before its...

Mike Schulz with Dave & Darren on ROCK 104-9

Going to the cineplex this weekend? Every Friday morning at 9 a.m. you can listen to Mike Schulz dish on recent movie releases & talk smack about Hollywood celebs on the Quad City Rocker ROCK 104-9FM,...

Now Playing: Friday, April 11, through Thursday, April 17

For show schedule information, visit: Cinemark Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX, Davenport Nova 6 Cinemas, Moline Putnam Museum, Davenport Regal Moline Stadium 14, Moline

The Inn Crowd: "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Captain America: The Winter Solider," and "Veronica Mars"

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL Generally speaking, I’m not one to argue for the inclusion of more foul language and bloody violence in a director’s oeuvre, and feel especially awkward doing so a mere week...

There’s Gonna Be a Floody, Floody: "Noah"

NOAH Like most of you, I’d presume, I’ve known the biblical story of Noah’s Ark since early childhood. And also, presumably like most of you, I’ve always kind of wondered how Noah was able to...

Bee Prepared: "Bad Words," "Enemy," and "Sabotage"

Four Stories and Seven Hours or So – Notes on a Quadruple Feature: "Divergent," "Muppets Most Wanted," "The Earth Wins," and "God’s Not Dead"

Stale Magnolias: "Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club" and "Need for Speed"

Get Her to the Greeks: "300: Rise of an Empire," "Mr. Peabody & Sherman," and "Titans of the Ice Age 3D"

The End of the Oscar Racists. Er … Races.: Notes on the 2014 Academy Awards Telecast

Airport '14: "Non-Stop" and "Son of God"

Are You Not Entertained?!: "Pompeii," "3 Days to Kill," and "Winter’s Tale"

Voting Like a Voter: Predicting, and Preferring, the 2014 Academy Award Winners

Let’s Remake a Deal: "RoboCop," "About Last Night," and "Endless Love"

Plastics: "The Lego Movie," "The Monuments Men," and "Vampire Academy"

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Keep on Scratching: Joe Bonamassa, April 19 at the Adler Theatre

Keep on Scratching: Joe Bonamassa, April 19 at the Adler Theatre

Roughly a quarter-century ago, B.B. King said of Joe Bonamassa that “he hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface.” It was an undeniable compliment to somebody not yet in his teens, but it was also...

Building to Moments: Decker, April 20 at Rozz-Tox

Building to Moments: Decker, April 20 at Rozz-Tox

The band Decker calls its sound “psychedelic desert folk,” and each of those words carries roughly equal weight. The folk influence is a carry-over from earlier incarnations of the band. Before...

Managing Mahler Magnificently: The Quad City Symphony, April 5 at the Adler Theatre

From an Adler Theatre stage filled with more than 200 musicians, the Quad City Symphony forcefully premiered Gustav Mahler’s monumental Symphony No. 3 on April 5. Moving from the dissonance of uncertainty...

"Companion" Companion: The Bucktown Revue, April 18 at the Nighswander Theatre

For pianist Jonathan Turner, “It’s a really unique kind of entertainment experience in the area. There isn’t really anything like it.” For performer Korah Winn, “It’s kind of like if you...

“You Cannot Let Up”: Bedroom Shrine, “No Déjà Vu”; April 5 at RIBCO

For all of about six seconds, the Quad Cities band Bedroom Shrine’s new album No Déjà Vu seems content to set a mood. The first sound on “Brown Recluse” is the whirring of a tape machine, whose...

Hail to the Queen: "Queen of the Blues" Shemekia Copeland, March 28 at St. Ambrose University

A Jackhammer, Better with a Gentle Touch: Blake Selby, “Ammunition”; March 22 at The Clubhouse

A Fine “Line” Over Rough Spots: The QC Symphony, March 8 at the Adler Theatre

Photos from the L.A. Guns Concert, March 7 at Rascals Live

Photos from the Ballroom Thieves Concert, March 5 at the Redstone Room

Complicated Laziness: The Post Mortems, “Cracked & Crooked”; March 7 at RIBCO

From Dead Ends to a Destination: The Evolution of Jacob Bancks’ “Rock Island Line,” Premiering March 8 and 9 with the Quad City Symphony

A Cleared Path: 3 Years Hollow Releases Its National Debut, “The Cracks”; February 8 at Rascals Live

Mule'll Be Missed: Local Favorites Jim the Mule Perform the Band’s Farewell Show, February 1 at the Redstone Room

A Patchwork from the Past: Foxholes, February 1 at Rozz-Tox; In Rooms, January 25 at Rozz-Tox

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When a Hot Dog Is a Brat: "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 10

When a Hot Dog Is a Brat: "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 10

I'm not personally familiar with author Judy Blume’s children's book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, but judging by the almost-packed house for Saturday’s opening-day performance, I’m pretty sure...

My "Crossing" to Bear: "Crossing Acheron: The Tragedy of Antigone," at Scott Community College through April 19

My "Crossing" to Bear: "Crossing Acheron: The Tragedy of Antigone," at Scott Community College through April 19

It’s unfortunate that William Marbury’s angry, domineering King Creon and Analisa Percuoco’s defiant, strong-willed Antigone don’t share more stage time in Scott Community College’s production...

Queen B.: "Lear," at the QC Theatre Workshop through April 12

It doesn’t take long for Cait Bodenbender, in the Prenzie Players' Lear, to prove that director/adapter J.C. Luxton’s idea to reverse his characters' genders was a great one.

Unlimited Sweets, and a Touch of Indigestion: "Willy Wonka," at the Prospect Park Auditorium through April 6

The requisite imagination present in Quad City Music Guild’s production of Willy Wonka is provided in great part by Bill Marsoun's scenic design. He’s come up with some clever visuals to tell the tale...

Gown but Not Forgotten "Always a Bridesmaid," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 17

One of the cleverest things about the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse’s Always a Bridesmaid is its title, and the way it fits its group of women who, because of a promise made at their senior prom, continue...

Homeward Bound: "The Whipping Man," at the Village Theatre through March 30

I Went to a "Garden" Party ... : "The Secret Garden," at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through March 23

CAT-Scan-tastic: "A New Brain," at the District Theatre through March 22

To the Manners Born: "Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through March 23

A "Leagues" of Their Own: Davenport Junior Theatre Stages a Jules Verne Classic, in Musical Form, February 15 through 23

WWJD?: "Next Fall," at the Village Theatre through February 2

Take a Walk on the Wilder Side: "Our Town," at the District Theatre through February 9

Oh Boy: "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through March 8

Life Is No Cabaret, Old Chum: "My Sister," at the QC Theatre Workshop through January 25

Home on the Ranch: "Of Mice & Men," at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through January 19

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Featured Image from the Quad Cities Photography Club

Featured Image from the Quad Cities Photography Club

(Editor’s note: The River Cities’ Reader each month will feature an image or images from the Quad Cities Photography Club. Click on the image for a larger version.) Many members of the Quad Cities...

Art in Plain Sight: Lindsay Architectural Sculpture Park

Art in Plain Sight: Lindsay Architectural Sculpture Park

The Lindsay Architectural Sculpture Park is a grouping of structural forms derived from historic styles of buildings and homes in the Quad Cities. The park is – in turn – visually engaging, playful,...

Enter the River Cities’ Reader’s 2014 Photo Contest! May 9 Deadline!

The theme for the River Cities’ Reader 2014 photography contest is summer – in large part because we want to erase memories of our beastly winter. The four categories are “Fun in the Sun,”...

Art in Plain Sight: The Col Ballroom

The Col Ballroom, at 1012 West Fourth Street in Davenport, is 100 years old this year. No other large ballroom in Iowa has reached a century of continuous operation. For that matter, neither has any...

Art in Plain Sight: Davenport’s Skybridge

Davenport’s Skybridge is meant to be spectacular. Waves of color from 8,036 LED lights race the length of its 575-foot corridor at night. Brightly lit masts and tension rods angle upward and out,...

Art in Plain Sight: “The Gossips”

Art for the Quick and the Dead: Exploring the Sculptures of Quad Cities Cemeteries

Art in Plain Sight: LeClaire Park Bandshell and Bix Sculpture

Art in Plain Sight: Two Entrances by Eric Mart

Elegant Amusement: Terry Rathje’s “Questionable Architecture,” at the Figge through August 25

Art in Plain Sight: Two Sculptures in Downtown Moline

Graffiti Art at the Figge

Winners of the River Cities’ Reader’s Spring Photo Contest

Art in Plain Sight: The Centennial Bridge

Winners from the 37th-Annual Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition